Currently enrolling Fall 2019. We have a few spaces open, and expect them to fill by Aug 9th. School begins Aug 22nd. Please call for a tour: (979) 696 -1674.

Why Aggieland Country School?


Aggieland Country School is the oldest existing Montessori school in the Bryan-College Station area. It has served the community and been a member of the American Montessori Society since 1984. 

The school is home to two primary classrooms for 3-6 year old children, and an elementary classroom for 6-9 and 9-12 year old children. As of fall 2019, we will aso welcome a new 18 month - 3 year classroom!

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest materials and curriculum recommended by AMS, and lovingly taught by a very experienced and well educated faculty. In addition to their work with the Montessori studies, Aggieland Country School students are immersed in studies of French, Spanish, music, and drama. The school is located on three acres allowing children to enjoy nature walks, gardening, and chasing chickens- thereby, giving life to their academic studies of nature.


Primary Classroom

In these classrooms, the child is free to move about the room at will, to talk with other children, and to work with any equipment.

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Lower Elementary

The child enters this classroom excited about the new academic challenges, the greater responsibility he feels for his environment and the people in it, and his curiosity about the larger world.

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Upper Elementary

Often using extensions of Montessori materials experienced earlier, the older elementary student moves into advanced studies in language, math and geometry.

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Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.
— Maria Montessori



  • Oldest exisiting Montessori school in Bryan, College Station area

  • Well established, integral part of the local community

  • Child-centered learning, inspiring creativity, self-discipline, and order

  • Classroom options for children ranging in age from 3-12 years old

  • P.E., music, spanish lessons, sewing, violin lessons, and more are offered at ACS