The community of Aggieland Country School is made up of a dynamic staff of teachers who are always striving to learn and help the children learn and be happy.

The parents are a vital part of the community attending the many events and volunteering to help at these events and on a daily basis. Our most steadfast group is the gardening moms and dads who help make the gardens grow.

The community is also made up of the Aggieland students who play hard together and make great friends with students from all age groups.


The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination.
— Maria Montessori

Primary Teachers

c0-teacher in south Classroom


  • North American Montessori Center Diploma, Early Childhood

  • Certification in Early Childhood Studies from Ohlone College, Freemont, CA

  • B.S. in Biological Sciences from Burdwan University, India

  • Degree in Indian Classical Music (Vocal), Allahabad, India

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I love teaching. I love the students and their continuing ability to amaze me to love teaching and introducing fun and motivational activities year after year to my class. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and making a difference in children’s lives.

A little about me.
My name is Dolan Banerjee and I have been teaching at ACS since 2011! Love every moment of it. I like gardening, singing, reading books, or traveling with my family.

Co-Teacher in north Classroom


  • International Montessori Teaching Diploma, NAMC (Preschool/Kindergarten)

  • M.S. in Biochemistry (Food and Nutrition Sciences), Universite Bordeaux 1, France

What do you enjoy about teaching?
What I enjoy about teaching in a Montessori school is to create a positive and educational environment adapted for each child. I like to guide children and to see them grow to their fullest potential academically and socially.

A little about me.
I moved from Europe to the USA in 2004. I was introduced to Montessori education in 2006 when I enrolled my two boys at Aggieland Country School. I became very interested in the method, and started to work as an assistant in 2009. After learning for 5 years under an excellent teacher, I decided to earn my diploma in 2014.

Jennifer taylor
co-teacher in north classroom


  • American Montessori Society certified for Early Childhood

  • Montessori Applied to Children at Risk (MACAR), Level 1, Shelton School and Evaluation Center, Dallas, TX

  • B.A. English and History, Trinity University, San Antonio

What you enjoy about teaching?
I enjoy nurturing the growth and interests of developing minds.  Guiding the children through the Montessori curriculum allows them to develop independence, concentration, coordination, and confidence.  It is wonderful to observe their pride in mastering new skills and working towards their own goals.

A little about me.
I have lived in College Station for more than 10 years.  In my free time, I enjoy sewing, reading, and creating educational materials.

Co-Teacher in the south Classroom; Art Teacher for Primary & Elementary


  • Montessori certification in Early Childhood, North American Montessori Center

  • M.S. Computer Science, University of Madras, India

  • B.S. Computer Science, Bharathidasan University, India

What do you enjoy about teaching?
Teaching children is truly a blessing. Looking at those innocent smiling faces grow in knowledge, skills and confidence gives me a feeling of reward and accomplishment. The experience of teaching allows me to learn new things every day and develop.

A little about me.
Mrs. Sri has been in College Station for the last 11 years with her husband and two daughters. Originally from India, she moved to College Station after her marriage. She loves art and has practiced classical south Indian Tanjore paintings for more than 15 years. She enjoyed working as a volunteer in public schools for over two years which sparked the idea of full-time teaching career. She has been working in ACS since 2015.

Elementary Teachers

Directress since 1984, Elementary Teacher


  • Early Childhood Teaching Credential, American Montessori Society, St. Marys College, Moraga, CA

  • International Montessori Teaching Diploma for Lower Elementary

  • International Montessori Teaching Diploma for Upper Elementary, North American Montessori Center

  • Montessori Applied to Children at Risk (MACAR), Level 1, Shelton School and Evaluation Center, Dallas, TX

  • Suzuki Violin Teacher Training, Level 1A, Suzuki Association of the Americas, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

  • Orff Schulwerk Teaching Level 1, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

  • B.A. History and International Studies, University of Texas, Austin, TX

  • Masters of Public Health, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I most enjoy watching children happily engaged in work and play. This engagement requires the development of concentration, coordination, independence, and a sense of order. My job in this development is to create a beautiful classroom, with inviting work materials, an organized curriculum, and clear expectations. This requires all of us to be patient and persistent, to observe, to repeat, and never to give up. I love the work and the challenge, and I love to see the children happy in the glow of their accomplishments.

A little about me.
Lynn loves gardening, playing with her dogs, and eating and boating with family in Austin and Dallas.

Amanda Short
elementary teacher


  • American Montessori Society- currently studying Upper and Lower Elementary teaching at Houston Montessori Center.

  • Texas Education Agency Certified: EC - 4th grade, English and Science through 8th grade. English Second Language Learning EC - 8th, Gifted and Talented EC - 8th.

  • B.S. Early Childhood Education, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

Enrichment Teachers

Gardening / Botany Teacher

  • Ph. D., Department of Botany, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

  • Bachelor of Science in Plant Biology, University of California, Davis, CA

  • Project Wild, Project Wet, and Project Learning Tree educational programs, and a Certified Public Manager.

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I enjoy seeing the pure joy that kids show when they get to squish mud in their fingers, pull their first carrot out of ground, or see a tree in a whole different light. It’s those “Ah ha!” moments where they suddenly understand something about the world around them. Often, they will repeat what they’ve learned to their parents, to their friends, sometimes for several days! I love knowing that I’ve helped them connect with their world.

A little about me.
I grew up gardening with my mom, which inspired me to study plants in college. I have always had an interest in interpreting science for a more general audience, but it wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I discovered how much fun it is to see the world through the eyes of a child! It helps me stay curious and feel sense of wonder that nature is so good at providing, if we only take the time to notice!

kayci peterson
p.e. teacher


  • Texas Education Agency Certified 1-8th grade

  • B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

  • B.S. English Language Arts/Social Studies, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I love being able to affect the kids lives in such a positive way through movement, teamwork, and outdoor activities.

A little about me.
In today's world maintaining balance through self-care and a sense of fun is vital for my health and well-being; therefore, I am a big fan of living life mindfully, passionately and in harmony with others. I am a dedicated lifelong learner; my classroom is the world!  All things "sports and outdoors" (except golf and exposure to frigid temperatures) ground me and keep me vibrant and energized.  I travel often, trade stocks, own a small consulting company, love to cook, campfires, museums, and music. I have three children (currently 18, 17 & 13 years old) who attended Aggieland Country School until the 6th grade. (If I could go back I wouldn't change a thing!) We have 2 frisky cats and a lazy golden retriever.

Johanna Smith
Spanish Teacher


  • B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, Bilingual Education; minor in Spanish, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

  • Texas Education Agency Certified Early Childhood - 6th grade

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I feel rewarded when my students succeed. When they move on to the next grade level with the skills they will need to excel, I know I have honored my commitment to them, their families, and our community. My students come in each day excited to be at school, and my heart overflows with joy because I know I have created a safe, successful, and fun environment. I am truly honored and blessed to be able to work with these children.

A little about me:
I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband, Bryan, and a very cute dog, Max. I enjoy going on trips, having picnics, working out, reading, and I am an active member of my church. I was born in Quito, Ecuador and moved to the U.S. when I was five years old. My parents instilled in me the value of being multi-lingual. I take great pleasure in teaching students to know and love Spanish.


Office Manager, Permanent Sub, Chicken lady


  • M.S. Early Childhood Education, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX

  • B.S. Biomedical Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I love to see the excitement and joy the children have for their work. The children begin with us as a young toddler needing guidance, and it is beautiful to watch them grow into a young child who is able to choose their own work, and knows how to ask for help when their understanding of a problem is exhausted, or want direction finding a new challenge. This transformation is never the same and never grows old!

A little about me.
I have 4 children, 4 chickens, 2 dogs, 1 husband, and I love to be outside gardening.